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The Jamaican Maroons are descendants of maroons, Africans who escaped from slavery on the island of Jamaica and established free communities in the mountainous interior, primarily in the eastern parishes. African slaves imported during the Spanish period likely were the first to develop such refugee communities.

Items in the Maroons Collection

Celebration under the Kindah Tree

Blowing of the Abeng
January 1 in Accompong Town

Craft items on display for sale at the January 6 celebration in Accompong Town
January 1 Celebration

Gathering under the Kindah tree on January 6 in Accompong, St. Elizabeth
Celebration Under the Kindah Tree

Libation is an imporatant part of the ritual that takes place under the Kindah Tree
Playing the Drum

Drumming is an essential part of the ritual celebration
Playing the Drum under the Kindah Tree

Drummers are skilled in the art of attracting ancestral spirits and controlling them when they possession of the bodies of dancers.
Possession under the Kindah Tree, January 1, 2017

Spiritual possession of dancers is one of the signs of the presence and active participation of the ancestors in the celebration.
Procession through Accompong Town

The procession from the Kindah Tree on its way to the monument of Cudjoe
Maroon Food

Sacred Pork prepared for the ancestors on January 1 by the Accompong Maroons
Maroon Food

The cooking of the sacred meal for the ancestors is traditionally carried out by male elders.